Wilaverde Black Friday Deals in 2019

See where the Wilaverde Black Friday Deals are
Wilaverde Black Friday Sale Details

Come here to see where the Wilaverde deals are for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and every other day leading up to Christmas. We will be showing deals available through Amazon as well as through our new official channel E.C. Books & Gifts.

Peppermint Nail Polish Remover is Coming

Peppermint Nail Polish Remover

We could not resist getting into the holiday spirit. We are running a very small quantity of Peppermint fragrance nail polish remover. We will start shipping Peppermint during the first week of December and is only available on E.C. Books & Gift here.

Wilaverde Nail Polish Remover on Amazon

Wilaverde Nail Polish Remover is available on Amazon in the fan-favorite Mango, as well as Fragrance-Free and Lavender. Depending on your location, if you are an Amazon Prime member you will find all three fragrances available in the 1-Day and 2-Day shipping programs:

Keep an eye on this page and Wilaverde Social Media for upcoming opportunities.

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